My Name is Sharon Hall and I am a huge fan of Madonna Grimes.

She has been my inspiration in keeping myself healthy and fit, despite my age and despite having 4 children to look after.

She shows us moms that life is what we make it, and we can be healthy and sexy even we are already older and are already mothers.

Among the many health experts and enthusiasts, I chose to be dedicated to Madonna Grimes because she uses something I love as her main tool for living a healthy life – dancing.

I have always loved to dance and I knew how much this hobby can help someone stay fit. However, when I got married, I had to toss aside my love for dancing and concentrate on my duties for my husband and for my children. She reminded me that I also have duties for myself and my body, and that is to keep it in a healthy state.

With her dance video lessons and her health tips, I have never been more satisfied with my body. It has been my stress reliever and it has been my way of staying happy and fit.